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The Hudson Valley's Premier Toy Shop from
 vintage collectibles to todays hottest lines!

Who We Are

At the Imperial Castle we are focused on providing the community with a wonderful destination store in the heart of the Hudson Valley. From Funko and LOL to

Lego and vintage GI Joe we are committed to giving every visitor a great shopping and visual experience.

Run by Johnpaul Ragusa, a vintage toy collector and owner of The Imperial Gunnery (a global expert in vintage Star Wars authentication), the store is made to be a place for people who love toys. It's that simple. If you need a gift, we have great advice and a concierge style service you'll never get from a big-box store.

 We have invested in inventory, so you can walk out with your item and not wait by the mailbox.  See it and touch it before you purchase. The 'castle' will be expanding to offer a safe, fun and enjoyable place for kids of all ages. 

Our message, mantra, and mission is very simple. - "Offer an experience you can't get anywhere"